First throwing lesson for 2013 O-goshi by Sensei Spinola (large hip-throw) – Senior class

The O-goshi throw is classified as a technique where the hip plays a central role in the execution. Students where coached on how to move their hips in front and below their opponent’s hips, and lifting their hips while bending forward and pulling down on the front of their opponents body. The opponent is brought down on the mat at the Student’s feet.

The students (Marga, Jessie, Lisa, Edward, Brandon, Luke, Zena, and Christo) were shown how to (and practised themselves) apply an effective defence technique taking down an attacker from stance position.

The evening’s O-goshi class has equipped the students with yet another valuable self-defence skill all in a fun and exciting way.
Thank you Sensei Spinola – we cannot wait to learn more!

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