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Important Karate Info for 2019

Dear Karateka and Parents

Welcome back, we have again a full Program for 2019.
We look forward to an exciting new year for us with a new brand and lots of challenges!

  • Monthly fees R400.00. Two from same family R380.00 per person. Three from same family R360.00 per person four R300 per person.(same as 2018)
  • There is discount if you pay year in advance for 1 Person save R500.00 , two save R1000.00. three save R1500 for the year.
  • Affiliation (registration ) stamps R400.00 per person per year which must be paid soon as possible.
  • Grading R400.00 per person
  • Life Books R180.00

2019 Year Program Subject to Change

  • 1/2/3 February Drakensberg Gashuku Brown and Black belts R760.00 Plus take own food
  • 2 March Junior Grading from yellow to blue 2 under the age of 16 years Pta west
  • 22/23 March SASKA Open Championships PTA
  • 29 May Grading Wonderboom South
  • 1 June JSKA National championship Judging Seminar
  • 7/8 June JSKA National Championship PTA
  • 13 July JSKA development team training 1 PTA
  • 20 July JSKA development team training 2 PTA
  • 27 July JSKA development team training 3 PTA
  • 3 August Best Karate Tournament PTA
  • 10 August Junior Grading PTA West
  • 17 August JSKA team Training PTA
  • 30/31 August International Development championship ZIMBABWE
  • 13/14/15 September Best Karate Gashuku Venue TBA Cost including meals for weekend R800 plus minus
  • 5 October World JSKA team training Germany 2020
  • 26 October JSKA Dan Grading Seminar
  • 30 October Club grading Zambezi
  • 1/2/3 November Dan Grading and seminar
  • 30 November Year End Function and Price Giving

Your cooperation will be highly appreciated in this regard

Desmond van den Doel
Dojo Head 6th Dan

Programme for Africa cup tournament 22 – 26 Sept (2)Programme for Africa cup tournament 22 – 26 Sept (2)

They made 3rd and fourth dan gradings

Congratulations to Eddie Cordier who made 4th and Anneline Fivaz 3rd dan in October 2012, and T. Spinola 3rd dan in March 2013 Well done !!

Dress Code

  1. Males: No t-shirt under karate suit.
  2. Females: May wear white t-shirt or crop top which should preferably not be visible.
  3. Dojo badge should be on left hand breast of suit.
  4. The name of karateka should be clearly displayed on the lapel of the left side of the suit.
  5. Do not roll the cuffs of the pants or sleeves. This is dangerous to the training partner.

News Letter 2013

Dear Karateka and Parents

Just a note to remind you of events for the remainder of the year.

  • WKF Tournament Oos Moot Hoerskool

On Saturday 20 April we Have a tournament at mentioned venue, Karateka to be there 08h30, tournament starts at 08h00 sharp


  • National Championships and world cup trails

National championships will be on Friday 31st of May 2013 for novice-white to red belts. 1 June 2013 for Elite Brown and Black belts. Thursday 30 May 2013 world cup trails for wold cup 2014

  • Club Grading

On Tuesday 04 June 2013 Our Club Grading at Zambezi Dojo, Only those who qualify will be allowed to grade, Jnr belts up to Blue, Need to have 15 classes since previous grading. Jnr belts going for purple and higher and all Seniors Need to have 30 classes since previous grading. All monthly fees must be up to date , must be affiliated and books handed in to Sensei. Grading fees paid before grading which is R230-00

  • Gashuku Klein Kariba

Our Gashuku is on 11th, 12th,and 13th October 2013 at Klein Kariba, we will leave Pretoria at 14h30 on 11th and return around 15h30 on 13th, Only karateka allowed, and cost R700-00 food included for Sat and Sun, Pls take own food for Friday evening, there will be a fire for those who wants to braai

  • Prize Giving and Year end Function¬†

Thanking you in advance.


Desmond van den Doel  Dojo Head 6th Dan


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