About Us

About Our Karate

SA JKA Karate is one of the most unique forms of weaponless defense and attack. It incorporates punching, kicking, blocking and striking. JKA Karate is the only style of karate officially recognized by the Japanese government.

Karate improves concentration, co-ordination and discipline. It also promotes sound moral values such as strong character, sincerity, effort, etiquette and self-control. Karate can be practiced by people of all ages and is very handy for self defense purposes.

Instruction is provided by former Border & Northern Transvaal All Styles and JKA South African champion, Desmond Sensei (6th Dan). Karate classes are presented twice a week and dojos are situated in Zambesi, Wonderboom South and Pretoria West(Sensei Eddie Cordier 3rd dan).

Special classes

We also have Senior Brown and Black belt classes on Saturdays, we also do self defense classes as well as ground work

Best Karate started 30 years ago in Pretoria West and have a long list of Karate champions who was developed by This Pretoria based Karate club.

We do JKA (Japan Karate Association) Karate this is the ONLY karate Style endorsed by JAPAN we are the biggest style in the world and in South Africa and working to become the biggest in Pretoria.

Who’s the instructors?

  1. Desmond van den Doel 6th dan, been former Border, Northern Transvaal, SA champion, been doing Karate for 32 years, also done Kung-Fu, Kick-boxing and Aikido before but found that Karate is more powerful when done properly.
  2. Eddie Cordier 4th dan, done Karate for 15 years, represented Northern Gauteng karate, and SA JKA Karate in Scotland. Now teaching at the Pretoria West Dojo.
  3. Dolf van den Doel 4th dan Sub instructor at Pretoria clubs /Wonderboom South and Zambezi been training Karate for 30 years.

Desmond van den Doel (6th Dan)